Black Coffee – A Dj can’t get married


Last week Black Coffee was interview by “the mzansi show” which airs between 5-7 on future radio 96.9FM.
The South Africa Award winning Dj and Producer Discussed how he got his Dj name “Black Coffee” and why he believes a Dj can’t get married. He went on to discuss his future ambitions, the 2010 world cup and his latest video for the track “Turn me on”.

… Black Coffee man, let just about start to talk about your name, Black Coffee, I really like it. How did you come up with you name Black Coffee. I guess it’s not you real name is it?
You know what bro, I got it from a girl believe it or not, it has nothing to do with music you know, I got it from an ex-girl friend, from Zambia, you know, that is what she used to call me. I decided to use it as my Dj name when I started being serious, about producing and playing music.

…I still dream to go much furthur, … I still dream to achieve and do collaborations with other artists outside our continent…

Black Coffee if I may ask you, when and how did you, first become interested into music?

Ever since I was a kid, you know, grade 5, …I took music classes till metric, I went to University to study music as well, you know it’s always been part of my live and while I was doing high school, then I started playing around being a dj, we where using cassettes then, you know, then cd come out,then records you know,back to cds again so it’s something I have been doing for a while now.

So I consider you have done very well as a South African obviously you are one of our big djs and I am really really proud of you man, as a SA stat, did you always know that you are going to get big and be where you are right now.
Thanks man,… honestly I didn’t know I was gone be this big so as much as I am not where I want to be yet you know what I am saying, I always knew that, you know, I am into music and my music was somehow gone take me far, you know, I knew my music was gone take me places, you know. I still dream to go much furthur, you know, I still dream to achieve and do collaborations with other artists outside our continent, you know, and just grow as a producer as well.

I mean black Coffee at the moment you are popular in South Africa you been travelled all over I am not sure if you have been outside South Africa, What kind of time and place…..
….I have been to London 5 times already man….
Recently I was in …, I have been to Miami to Spain Barcelona, South Africa Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, and I have been going around, for some time now.

… my focus is on the music and I feel a relationship is like a full time job on it’s own…

Have you got a place where you call a favourite place, outside South Africa where the response was really good.
I think all my gigs are special but I love playing in Swaziland, you know, house music is growing there and they really are accepting anything you know, there are not expectation , you get there you can go as deep as you want and they will still appreciate it, you know what I am saying.

…you have been nominated for two awards, two metro fm awards…. Congratulations for that.
I recently shoot a video I am not sure if you guys are away of the track turn me on. I have recently uploaded the video on you tube you can check out there as well. The track is on the latest mix by Louise Vega on There are talks now of getting remixes you know, from his people to get the song out there even further, you know, I am very excited about that as well.

… Since our show is called mzansi show we normally obviously promote South Africa, 2010 is coming, you know in 2years time and in your words, Black Coffee the big man, what you want to say about South Africa.
Very excited man I feel our country is getting a lot of attention now from the world especially the music side, we get musicians coming through, on Thursday I went to see the Game perform. People are coming down and you know we are getting proper quality shows as well. I can’t wait for 2010 for us to show case, what we have got as a country, to show case our cultures to the world.

Black Coffee since time is not on our side. I am gone to asking you last questions. I know you are going to laugh about this one. Are you married black coffee?
No man. A Dj can’t get married

If I may ask you what you think of or what do you feel about getting married man,
I am cool, I think one day I will do it but for now, … my focus is on the music and I feel a relationship is like a full time job on it’s own you know what I am saying, especially one of those committed! Committed! Relationships ….it destructs you from the music, the emotions are a bit too much, because love is a very powerful thing.

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