EeS Rocks African Music Awards

By , 20 Oct 2010 | One Comment

Performing at the Africa Music Awards: EeS
This past weekend saw the African Music Award take place at the Westminster Central Hall.

The event was originally meant to be at the prestigious Wembley Arena, but due to unknown circumstances the venue was changed within the last 24 hours.

The biggest award of them all, The African Artist of the Year, was presented to Egypt’s Tamer Hosney by Jermaine Jackson, a fitting guest to do so given Tamer Hosney has been called the Michael Jackson of Africa.

On the night we saw performances from artist across Africa, but the highlight of the night was the performance from kwaito’s EeS.

“The typical energetic kwaito dance routines and loud bassline lived up the crowd.”

EeS delivered an exemplary performance of what a live show is all about. Everything from the instruments to the vocal was live. The typical energetic kwaito dance routines and loud bassline lived up the crowd.

EeS who was nominated for the “Best Southern African Artist Award” unfortunately did not win this time round; instead it was won by Zimbabwe’s Jusa Dementor, who later gave a live performance with Fire Flex. Other winners on the night included Blackcoffee who won best video for “Juju”.



One Comment

    H.Likius October 22, 2010Author

    You rocks maaaaan, both sides gentleladies and gentlemen feels u… This depends chiefly upon temperature from u and therefore upon i say “”evrybody put yo hands up ‘fo da kwaito master EES’!!!””

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