Incomplete – Malaika and Mafikizolo Survived


The disadvantage of singing as a group is that when one member dies it leaves a void that could, possibly, lead to a discontinuity of the group. Suppose the remaining members of the group decide to continue without the deceased’s vocals, their music would still have to keep the musical industry entertained.

As much as we, the listeners and music buyers, might sympathize with the band for losing one member of the family, it doesn’t guarantee that the public will still go out to buy the band’s music out of sympathy. For the record, it’s not only the music industry that lacks loyalty; music fans can’t be trusted too! If the group can’t keep up and sustain its legacy the public will soon forget about the group and offer their support elsewhere. That’s how harsh and ruthless the public can be sometimes.

It happens everywhere across the globe where music and its makers exist, including South Africa. Thinking of Mzansi (South Africa), only few musical bands managed to sustain their legacy after losing one of their members.

“…and have managed to keep their fans and the industry happy”

Countable numbers of group members have left us over the recent years, including:Lebo Mathosa (Boom Shaka group), Jabulani Ndaba (Malaika), Tebogo Madingoane(Mafikizolo), and recently Jeff Moyo (3Sum).

Although Boom Shaka were not together at the time when Mathosa died, there had been rumours that the group were in talks to make a comeback. Regrettably, her death also ended the anticipated comeback.

In 2004, February, South Africa was shocked to learn about the death of Mafikizolo male singer, Tebogo Madingoane, who was a major part of the group’s success.

Most people were doubtful as to whether the band would still make its huge impact in the music scene without the replacement of Tebza. Theo Kgosinkwe and Nhlanhla Nciza decided not to replace him, and continue where they left off – hoping that the public would still appreciate their music as much as they did during Tebogo’s era.

Despite their solo released albums the group is still as popular as it used to be, Theo and Nhlanhla are still performing together locally and abroad. However, the duo has yet to release an album together but the public is still confident about their talent – it certainly won’t be a disappointment.

When Jabulani Ndaba of Malaika died, in 2009, the remaining members,Tshedi Mholo and Bongani Nchang, also continued to perform together, and released
another album, Mmatswale. Malaika also continued with their success performing locally and overseas, including the USA where they will tour in October, this year.

Ironically, Mafikizolo and Malaika even performed together in the UK.

Not so long ago, the most popular South African gay band, 3Sum, lost its third member, Jeff Moyo, 34. It’s still too soon to tell whether the remaining members, Amstel Makwane and Koyo Bala will continue.

No matter how hard it can be there is always room for continuity and success after losing a member of the group. Mafikizolo and Malaika are amongst the few groups that have proved this and have managed to keep their fans and the industry happy.