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Living In a Music Space:Phash
The disadvantage of coming from a small village, for young, talented dreamers, is that, before they can think of pursuing their respective careers, they face the challenge of decamping from their home and having to go to a city.Phash, born in Venda as Phathu Ratshilumela, went to Tswane University of Technology to pursue a career in journalism, after matriculation. While progressing on this course, he couldn’t run away from the guilt of ignoring his natural musical talent. Making everyone happy was his judicious decision and he opted to stay natural and to keep to education.

After obtaining a diploma in journalism, it was time for a reality check! Phash started job seeking and endlessly knocked at the door of MIO (Music Industry Online). Eventually, they opened it!

“He talks music, writes music, judges music and listens to it too! Does this man truly exist?”

“They gave me a job on a part-time basis as a freelance journalist and that’s when I started to get a lot of contacts in the music industry. That pretty much helped to build the brand, Phash!”

Phash has now developed from being just a part-timer and has shown his mettle in that he is a real mover. His moves include MIO Head Executive, Head of Content, and now the Measure Shareholder of MIO. He is now regarded as one of the local, well respected, music critics in South Africa.

“There are a whole lot of stuff that I am involved in with the music industry. I’m still young but I feel good that I’ve achieved a lot of stuff.”

Talking about the biggest awards ceremony in the South African music industry, SAMA (South African Music Awards), all that the audience is interested in is who scoops what, who walks away with what, who deserves what, who is whinging about missing the nomination…….and, of course, the music politics goes round and round! It is the most exciting event of the year but for Phash it is more than being in the audience!

“I am actually one of the youngest SAMA judges, I think the second youngest. Moreover, I also sit on the committee that decides, chooses songs that will be entered into all the big categories….it is quite cool that I have gone this far, and when I talk, people listen!”

Phash doesn’t always use the “C” word for critics. He creates the music too. His taste in musical production was revealed to the general public in 2007. The debut album “In the Zone” covered numerous house tracks, the commercial hit track “I Feel Ya”, featuring former Muvhango actress and SABC2, Zwa Hashu presenter, Alu Ramawa. Phash’s latest offering includes such songs as “Ndi Phende Phende”, “African Dreams” ft Ntsiki Mazwai, and everyone’s darling “I can’t control it”, which is a must for any loyal house devotee to listen to. This song has reached international ears with the French legend, Manoo, describing it as “dope”. Phash must be incredibly excited!

“When I joined this industry, I started releasing my [first] album, and I thought, it’s funny, people are loving my music! But again, I decided that, you know what, I think it’s time i take my music to the world.” says the well-spoken, Phash.

I know every local house DJ believes that house music is taking over the planet, or, well, South Africa at least! What about the music critics?

“We are the biggest in dance music. There is no doubt about that! In a couple of years time the world will be looking at us as the centre of house music.”

Just when I thought I had heard it all ,some DJs are married to their studios and some prefer to produce in the bedroom rather than the studio, some are addicted to their music but are refusing to go to rehab and now there is space-man, in the house music paradise!

Phash the Passionate! He is the music producer, house music DJ, voice over artist, SAMA judge, motivational speaker, member of Third Impact Production, radio presenter, and he composed beats for SABC 1 reality TV show, Hard Core. His life is surrounded by music policy. He talks music, writes music, judges music and listens to it too! Does this man truly exist?

“Yeah…I live in a musical space! I don’t see myself doing anything other than working in the music industry. For me music is everything that I do every day of my life!”



  1. Keep up the good work my angel. The next album will be you and me. I cross my finger. Khodi will have to hook me up. Yipieeeeeeeee.

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