100 Zulu Warriors is Coloe De Song


Coloe De Song
Moving from a rural area to a big city like Durban, South Africa, at the age of 15, must be an incredible challenge for any young student, but for the parents, this is where they start hoping to see the family future doctor, accountant, scientist…..in the making. What if he brings the vinyl, turntable and decks to them and says “This is what I am going to do, music! I’m now called “Coloe de song”!

Coloe de song’s real name is Culolethu, “our song” in Isizulu, a South African dialect. Coloe de song comes from a musical background. His mother was a good singer and his grandfather was a keyboard player. It was just a matter of time before the producer and DJ followed their roots.

In 2006, Coloe was the only turntable student in DJ Kabilia’s classroom. Only a year afterwards, in 2007, he was signed by the “Soulful Label”. He calls it his mother label and it was founded by the father of the label, Black Coffee. It didn’t take long before the clubs across South Africa, and abroad, started dancing to “100 Zulu Warriors”, the song he collaborated with Back Coffee on. It was featured on Black Coffee’s second offering “Have Another One”. It’s only two years in between, but his production and DJ skills had been recognised locally and internationally.

“Two days in the studio with Boddhi Satva and just fusion musically, is actually a big thing for me!”

“ Oh well! This was just a quick response from the world, and appreciation of the music that I do. I just keep focusing on what I do, working with different people who I can connect with musically.”

Last year his journey began to get more serious. No wonder he didn’t do well in his final exams at high school! Elsewhere he did very well! The international bookings started flowing in his direction and he played in places like Italy, The Netherlands, and for his first international gig, “Red Bull Music Academy”, Barcelona, a gig he remembers clearly.
“Well, it was actually a big blessing for me to be able to be recognised in terms of DJing as well. Just to explore my mind in the music and mix with different people from around the world. You share your culture and you share your traditions, besides music. Music on its own, it comes into one fusion.”

The 19 year old, Coloe, Kwa-Zulu Natal born, also shared the stage with high profile international DJs and producers, including Boddhi Satva. He is collaborating with him on his next project which is dedicated to Africa and is called “Coloe De Song and Satva Stay Forever.” This is, without doubt, the one to look out for.

“Two days in the studio with Boddhi Satva and just fusion musically, is actually a big thing for me!”

  • Coloe will drop his highly anticipated debut album next Easter.
  • Listen to Coloe’s full interview on the Mzansi Show Website



  1. Coloe de song bru much respect . Do u remembr house . Wen house was made in the house wen house made ur mind body and soul move as one. Coloe de song do u remembr house b4 house had loops mpc60 wen house was jst one house wen house respectd house . Wen u play that one song that made u go in 2 anthr world takes u in time do u remembr ? B4 house had soul , electro deep and techno wen thr was jst one house ? Big up coloe de song

  2. culoe my man!what you have achieved at your age is great man.your debut album “a giant leap” is just out of this world especialy that umoja song,big ups bra we will meet at the top im dj millicasoul from benoni.

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