Brickz Finally Cleans Up


With most kwaito artist, including Mafokate, looking to “house music” to rescue their careers it is good news to hear that Brickz, real name Sipho Ndlovu, has been signed (more like rescued) by TS-Records, is now in rehab and will be releasing an album.

Now if there is any artist that can satisfy his kwaito fans that would be Brickz. Brickz who has over the years had drug problems has finally responded to the outcry of most of his fans and with the help of TS-Records has gone to rehab.

“…Now I can sit down and read newspapers and novels or drink tea. Those small things count a lot,”

“I feel like a newborn baby. Thanks to DJ Sbu and TK for granting me this opportunity. I won’t disappoint them,” said Brickz.

Ndlovu the winner of the best Kwaito album at this year’s SAMAs is working on his next album to be release next month. “We already have a line-up of producers that are working on his upcoming album so, yes, we are delighted to have him,” said Nciza, the owner of TS-Records.

The award winning kwaito star has asked his fans and the public to support him during his journey to recovery.

“Drugs are not good for anyone and it is not easy to stop or admit that you have a problem. I feel clean and pure. I can see a few changes. I’m now more in control of myself than I was before. Now I can sit down and read newspapers and novels or drink tea. Those small things count a lot,” said Brickz.

Brickz has accepted complete responsibility for his drug taking antics and does not blame anyone for his wrong doings.As much as his parting with Dj Cleo made his future look shadowy, Mabrigado said it gave him a wakeup call. “Many people thought I was down-and-out. I lost people I used to call my friends. That’s when I saw that this world is fake” said Ndlovu.

TK Nciza the owner of TS-Records said “Brickz is a young man. He makes mistakes like anybody else and he deserves a second chance, just like any of us.”

Well! we wish Brickz well and hope his next album has enough kwaito hits to keep the genre going.