‘Give us a lick, lollipop’ – Kwaito’s Chomee mobbed by Fans


Nymphet urban-pop singer Chomee must be cursing the day she let a male fan lick her breast(kwaito’s Sexy Chomee Does a Janet Jackson).

The purring kitten was whisked into her stable’s VW black combi when lecherous male revellers mobbed her and asked to lick her jugs at a music show at Thokoza stadium last Sunday

The hot-blooded randy fans wanted their turn after reading widely-published allegations that Chomee had yanked out her breast on stage and shoved it into a male fan’s face to let him lick it last month.

Last Sunday the four men who also wanted to lay their taste buds on her “watermelons” cordoned off 999 Music boss Arthur Mafokate’s black VW minibus when it arrived at the gig.

“I want to thank Arthur for calming them down”

They then mobbed her like vultures descending on a carcass, asking her to divest of her bra so they could lick her jugs too.

But the visibly pissed Chomee fobbed them off.

Mafokate intervened and cajoled the fans to leave her alone.

“Why are you guys so interested in negative things?” he asks when quizzed about the incident.

“Chomee is not proud of what she did and it was wrong of those people to do that.

“She’s trying to forget about this matter and move on with her life.”

Chomee says the guys were drunk and she didn’t take them seriously.

“I could see they were drunk and avoided arguing with them. I want to thank Arthur for calming them down and making sure the situation didn’t get out of control. But, hey, my show rocked,” she says.

It’s true. Despite this matter she rocked the crowd with weepies from her latest album Queen Dance.

This article was originally published in the SundayWorld(SA)