Hitting the High Notes Doesn’t Sell Records! Anymore!

Left: Thandiswa, Centre: Camagwini, Right:Lady Gaga

Gone are those days when musical conversation used to be about good music.

The singing stars, if they were to be successful, needed to be sensational in singing– and their performances on stage had to be delivered smoothly with passion. By achieving those goals convincingly, it was enough for artists to sell records.

The atmosphere in the global music industry has changed drastically – and the expectancy from singers by record labels, music consumers, as well as the media is extremely enormous.

Artists who used to rely on the quality of their singing ability are now required to spice-up their image and make certain that they somehow grab magazine and newspaper headlines. This may sound harsh, but it’s imperative!

Female artists, those who have guts, have managed to carry these orders without hesitation. For quite some time, we have witnessed some controversial designer outfits, donned by our admired female singers, which constantly left us nodding in disapproval or rather amazed. Admittedly, it’s quite uncomfortable watching TV with
Grandparents in the present climate.

“It’s all about their skimpy and controversial outfits; pure sexiness, African beauties and their great dance moves!”

A singer, who ceaselessly attracts the world headlines, is Lady Gaga, 24, especially with her outrageous outfits; including her latest meat dress…what an utterly bizarre dress! She’s been recently revealed as, according to social networks, Facebook and Twitter, the most famous human being on earth. You’d probably think the young lady is the best in her profession, singing. Of course not, undoubtedly!

Talking about South Africans female singers, they hardly dress-up outlandishly as Miss Gaga; with that said, a handful of them do get us talking, occasionally, and are worth mentioning.

When local citizens compare Kelly Khumalo and Chomee Madihlaba – the debate doesn’t get to their singing talent. It’s all about their skimpy and controversial outfits; pure sexiness, African beauties and their great dance moves!

Since Kelly burst into the limelight during the Cruz gospel concert in 2003, she continued breaking the rules of her Christianity by wearing revealing clothes. She has even done a Britney Spears, getting court on camera without putting her knickers on. Shooh!

Chomee’s outfits do not surprise many as she started her career as a dancer, aged 9, for Kwaito legend, Arthur Mafokate. To be clothed in a super-sexy and entertainment outfits has always been part of her job. Her dancing qualities matters more to the public – singing is just a cherry on the cake.

Respectively, both the Qinisela and Jiva-Sexy hit-makers, Kelly and Chomee, are debatable the last few South African living-divas left since the loss of the original
divas, Brenda Fassie and Lebo Mathosa. People should be debating about who is nearer to fill up the legacy left by the deceased divas.

They might have shocked us a few times – but nothing is yet to be compared to Thandiswa Mazwai’s ensembles. The former Bongo Maffin lead singer is in a premier league of her own. Her SAMAs’ dress, early this year, shocked us all. Even Camagwini’s dress, which looked like an oven foil paper, couldn’t compete with Thandiswa’s costume. There was no way we were expected to speak about her albums, and her singing talent without mumbling seeing what was in front of us, her ultimate dream-dress.

This proves that musicians’ public appearance seems to be dominating the musical debate! The platform to chat about artists’ singing abilities is not satisfying. No wonder other singers can’t be bothered singing at their gigs, they rely on miming, instead! To hit the high notes smoothly and passionately doesn’t make headlines
anymore. How weird!