Mapaputsi’s Birthday Bash


I was invited to Mapaputsi’s birthday bash the past Friday and what a blast-from the past.So here goes.

I must start with my disappointment with punctuality. Darkies have to quit this African time thing. It was specified that the party will start at 8pm, then 10pm and then…well I even stopped looking at my watch as the birthday boy himself came in at midnight. I have to applaud the Hip Hop DJ though, he surely made up for lost time, and the floor was on fire, what with no air-con. We were all dripping wet, literally. Nice one boy.

I saw ShugaSmax (Skwatta Camp) with what looked like his cute girlfriend. Damn that girl knows how to make a top look like a gorgeous little dress. Yummy. Speaking of lovebirds, Howza (Faith Records) and Salamina (TV Presenter) look good together, holding hands and all. What can I say; cupid’s arrow missed me this year. Sad!

Finally the show began rolling at about 1am, way past my bedtime. The first performance was by the novice and irritatingly loud Amarrobha, from then on, the stage was pretty much the same-BORING. The kwaito daddies failed to impress. Spikiri managed to stir the crowd a bit with his zesty rendition of Endofaya, but the excitement was short lived. Magesh, Tsekeleke, Mandoza and General, isn’t it time you guys retired while still riding your glory? You guys are seriously tired. YAWN.
I was impressed with Mzambiya though; he still stands a good chance of making a huge come back. Omen makes the now defunct kwaito youngster sound better. Lets say the star producer is immensely talented, if he can put Prokid on the map, why not Zambiya?
Speaking of Pro, he was billed to perform and did a no show. Chilli M (Yfm) was supposed to be MC, but disappeared somewhere for most of the night, I later saw him standing around with Jabu Pule in the wee hours. Can someone please share their impression on Jabu’s cd, that’s if it has hit the shelves yet? AK and Brickz were also peculiarly absent, aren’t they supposed to be friends with the birthday boy? Who did what to whom? We want to know!

The best moment was Mr Party’s performance, and he did not disappoint. His ‘reggae on kwaito’ album does some justice to fuel this talented star’s lovely comeback. I was jumping all over the place, with my killer heels. I even caught a glimpse of DJ Sbu singing and hopping along to the super performance.

I left the club at 5am, clutching my stilettos. Ouch! I thoroughly enjoyed roving my prying eye and getting all the juice on our kwaito veterans.
It was a great party.

Thanks for the invite.