SAMAs Dump South African Culture

Droping the “Best kwaito” Category: Randall Abrahams

This week Randall Abrahams the new CEO of the South African Music Awards literally dump the kwaito culture and with it everything South African about the Awards.

Kwaito musicians and fans are crying foul after the South African Music Awards have combined the “Best Kwaito” and “Best Rap” music categories into one new broad category called “Best Street Urban” Music.

“I do not mind anybody changing things, the problem comes when you dump our culture” Arthur Mafokate, the self-appointed king of kwaito, said.

“I do not mind anybody changing things, the problem comes when you dump our culture”

These changes, have also seen other categories, such as different Jazz categories, combined into one; Traditional music categories now under one umbrella; Gospel music now becoming a category called “Best Faith” Music; among other radical changes.

The strongest resistance to these changes has rightly been to the removal of the “Best Kwaito” category.

Over the past years kwaito music has re-enforced its position as an essential part of South African culture and this has been evident at the SAMAs themselves!; with kwaito artists (Big Nuz then Professor) picking up the top gong of “MTN Record of Year” over the past two years.

If these awards are truly voted for by the public then why have the people at the SAMAs decided to drop one of the most popular categories?

Given Randall was at some point the station manager at YFM you would expect him to know better than drop the “Best Kwaito” category.

Has success put him completely out of touch with the importance of certain music genres to South African Culture?

What ever Randall and his collegues at the SAMAs are high on , there need to sober up very quickly and re-instate the “Best Kwaito” Category.



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