The Most Influencial Fashion Shows, Music Videos?


Fashion Leaders:Mathosa & Mafokate in Oyi-Oyi Video.
I don’t know about you but at some point in my life Arthur Mafokate used to influence my wardrobe big time. Arthur came in with a bang with a bunch of kids behind him dancing their tiny behinds off and wearing triangular-front shaped skirts that we later dubbed “oMnike” . Of course my mother bought me one, those kids were my age and I had to be one of them.

So is our fashion sense influenced by music videos? I would say that at some point they did. At some point every second woman that you met had cock screws hanging from her head. This was the influence of a music group that took Southern Africa by storm, Boom Shaka.

Boom Shaka came in with clad in miniskirts that had us scrutinizing and murmuring about what the world is turning to, but within a few months we started seeing Thembi and Lebo in every Mbali, Zama and Lerato across the country. I cracked up recently as I read about Boom Shaka on Wikipedia. It seems South Africa was shocked at the skimpy outfits that the girls wore, fuelling debates. That was in 1998 and clearly South Africa did not know that Oskido would hit our screens with “Naja” and leave us blushing in our living rooms.

“..Formal is coming back and those who insist on holding on to their dirty All stars are…”

Now I remember the very first day I saw that video. I was so sure that I had just watched a porn video and that I would burn in hell for it. There was no fashion in that video. There was sexy BLACK girls wearing nothing but bikinis, washing cars and getting themselves wet in the process. Yes black girls. Yes in bikinis. There were bums everywhere that would make Nicki Minaj’s Ass Ass Ass seem like lemons. Whose kids were those by the way and were they disowned after that video came out?

Music video fashion has not been too influential on women as it has been on men. Of course we all had uncles that loved those Soul Brothers shirts that looked like a harvest of dry autumn leaves and these were worn with those now disgusting white takkies.

The Pantsula cult with its waddling duck moves came with its own fashion. It is important to mention that Pantsula culture was around way before Spikiri and friends showed up with loose overalls on our screens. However music and videos grew the cult and made Loxion Culca and Dickies the clothing Microsoft companies of the day. The takkies and the under-sized hats were the order of the day and if Alaska could pull them off then so could we. One thing though that I couldn’t stand in the Pantsula videos was the glove. I could stand the loose overalls and all but the glove was a No-No.

In more recent years music videos have become a platform to promote clothing labels. Musicians in recent years have been hit by the entrepreneurial spirit as many have also set their foot into the fashion industry, either partnering with designers or having their own clothing labels. The emergence of the “Amakip kip” and “Fact Durban Rocks” t-shirts was another phenomenon that took the country by storm. Naturally I was team “Fact Durban Rocks” because of my love for Durban and its music. Afrotainment artists propelled the t-shirts into fashion frenzy and as much as I wanted one, I just couldn’t see myself separating with the R200 that my parents had gave me to pay for photosynthesis at school. Besides L’vovo and Mampintsha took the taste of the t-shirt away and I decided I would let the fad pass. Amakip Kip also grew especially in Gauteng and groups such as Jozi and Teargas became it’s brand ambassadors and by extension it’s models.

Lately I’d say the guys in music videos are getting cleaner. The clean look seems to be the “in thing” as we have seen with Teargas, Donald and Zakes Bantwini. Formal is coming back and those who insist on holding on to their dirty All stars are looked upon with contempt. Even the girls in the videos are cleaner, still naked but less slutty.

So what’s next? I say nothing is next. Yes nudity is about to become the latest fashion, we have worn it all so now the best music videos will be judged according to who’s more naked than who. You only have to see the Young Money videos and keep in mind that when it comes to fashion we have always been followers and if Rick Ross is walking around topless, just give L’vovo a few months and you will remember this article.