The Music and Me: Slicker than average


Afro-soul singer Sliq Angel talks about his new album and the need to promote local music

Why did you change record companies?

Sony merged with BMG. A lot of things were not happening and I couldn’t wait, so I had to move on to Gallo .

Who is your biggest competition?

Oliver Mtukudzi is amazing; that’s where I want to be when I grow up. I admire him more than seeing him as competition.

What goes into your stage performance?

It’s about ukuthwasa (sangoma initiation); it’s very spiritual. Being on stage is not only about me, it’s about everyone around me. I invite people into my space and music — even to a foreign ear it’s good, because of the harmony.

Best musical discovery in the last year?

I have come across the soulful Siphokazi, who I see as the face of South African music; she’s taking it further.

What don’t we know about the industry?

What you see on TV or hear on radio is not the best; there is not enough of a chance given to local artists . For example, a Joburg-based radio station has said that my music is too African and won’t play it.

Tell us about your new album, Isizalo.

It talks about love. The song Masuhlulwe says “until death do us part”; it’s a beautiful song you can get married to. Mayamayaza talks about second chances in life that everyone should have.

Which musician would you choose to enter’s The Biggest Loser?

MXO — he has been gaining a lot of weight of late.

How has technology improved your music?

Ringtones have been amazing. A good thing is that it’s a short song sold at a lesser price, and the download is quick. You can make a lot of money.

Your must-have albums ?

So far, I’m loving Siphokazi’s debut album Ubuntu Bam and MXO’s newest one, MXfunk.

Your future plans in music?

I have this concept of a Kasie Cafe music venue, which I’m busy with at home in East London. I will franchise it and play strictly 100% South African music.