The New Genre of Dj Nkokhi Sound


Dj Nkokhi
Discovering a flair for music comes in a variety of ways. Some people are born into a musical family and some hang around with music lovers. Some people imitate other musicians and develop a flair for music that way. DJ Nkokhi’s discovery of music came about at a young age when he first began to distinguish between the guitar, keyboard and drums. From that moment he knew he was a born again musician!

Born in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, DJ Nkokhi realized that there was a great deal he wanted to achieve in his musical career, and he decided not to do KZN Finest. He knew exactly where he wanted to be, the music capital of South Africa, Johannesburg.

“I mean, here in Johannesburg, we’ve got a lot of resources and it is the beat of South Africa. I am exposed to many things, to different environments, different people, different opinions, and these things contribute to my musical career.”

The self proclaimed IT Guru has produced demos, recordings, and mixing, deep into the night. According to the producer, working as hard as he is, having a 9-6 daily job as a music production tutor, his life just revolves around music. I am even convinced that he might have been baptized by the music lord, if the Lord truly exists!!

“I have listened to numerous international remixes by international producers…., but I still believe that the South African DJs and producers can do a better job than most!”

DJ Nkokhi, born as Mlungisi Mlangeni, has created a considerable number of international remixes, including John Legend’s “If you are out there” and Rihanna’s “ Disturbia” to name a few. I have listened to numerous international remixes by international producers. Okay, I admit it, most of them are quite good, but I still believe that the South African DJs and producers can do a better job than most! DJ Nkokhi is one of them.

“If you listen to my tracks, some guys are struggling to classify them, and some of them are even classifying them as a new genre, something they have never heard before, something different and unique to everyone!”

Asked why he preferred to explore his musical talent by remixing international music, rather than promoting local music, Mlungisi replied !For now, I would say, I have more access to international stuff than to local stuff. Here, locally, it is not easy to work with all artists. You have to be well known, unlike the international market. You can crack a deal, get the vocals and do the remixes. You can even go to websites where you can download free vocals, so, it’s easy! I can do everything without going places.”

I don’t know about you but when I go to gigs, especially South African ones, I expect to hear all the latest tunes, well known tracks, classics and all that. But what if you hear the same tracks being played by different DJs on the same night? That is something DJ Nkokhi is not fond of.

“To me, it is like we are narrow minded as DJs. We need to expand our horizons in respect of collecting our music. I mean, playing the same track on the radio, clubs and everything- that is not good!”

  • DJ Nkokhi is working on “Mzee”, featuring Oluhle remix, and Mzee, featuring Umoja remix.
  • Listen to the new genre of DJ Nkokhi mix and the interview on the pod cast.



  1. Big up to nkokhi u produce the best music i ever heard,can i col it tribal house.Thanks my brother.

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