The Real Suparawkar

DJ 101

From a humble beginning Dj 101 will be soon releasing his debut album “Suparawkuz vol.1”

Like most high school boys in South Africa, Bongani Zakusa started his music career singing kwaito back in 1997, arguable at a time when kwaito was at its peak.

While doing kwaito Bongani also found time to organise talent shows, Beauty Contests and to coordinate events.

As that was not enough for the ambitious young producer, he soon found himself not only coordinating events but Djing at events as well, working alongside Djs like Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Mahoota vs Vetkook, Oskido, Cndo, Twitty, Dj Fisherman, Gukwa, Clock, Kent, Terrence, Mono T, QT and the list is almost endless.

At this stage Bongani was now known as Dj 101.

The year 2000 saw Dj 101 entering the Club Scene and establishing himself as a consistent performer, becoming a resident Dj at major clubs like Club Night Shift, Vibe, 80s and Blue Bar in Margate.

As Dj 101’s popularity grew so did his fun base and events. He was soon co-ordinating event for The South Coast Municipal, and with SAB, Smirnoff, Love Life and the Usu Jazz festival.

Working with artists like Dj Tira, Andy X and Chynaman he co-ordinated album launches and in the process made a big name for himself in Durban and the surrounding areas like Mtata, PMB and Richards Bay.

With popularity come expectations!

“Suparawkuz vol.1” is Dj 101’s long awaited debut album. The album, which has been sampled at multiple clubs, has hit tracks like “Asenze Lento” and “Constantly In Love” which have received great responses.

    Dj 101’s debut album “Suparawkuz vol.1” will be released soon and will be available worldwide through digital downloads.



  1. Keep up d gud work ndoda,dnt frget who u are always b intouch with ur self……..remember frnds cum n go bt family wl always be there!gudluck!

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