“There’s So Much (Music) Coming From Africa” – Anane Vega

Louie & Anane

South Africa’s house music chiefs and trustees have signed a verbal petition in a bid to win the right for South Africa to be called the ‘World Capital of House Music’. As an enthusiast of “Africa Is the Future” group member – I thought it would be ideal to get the world established House DJ/producers on board to hear if this bid is worth a fight.

As far as world House music is concerned, the Vega family, particularly Louie Vega and his beautiful wife, Anane Vega, should have a say if changes are to be made.
I chatted to the couple while they were in Miami, a week ago. Initially I interviewed Anane before I had a brief chat with Louie Vega about his love for South Africa’s house music scene.

Anane openly talked about her childhood – how her family fled the country of her birth and ended up in America – how she met Louie Vega, who finally became her husband and discussed her musical journey – and, of course, how South African house music caught her attention.

“We’re giving light to this sound that is coming from Africa; I’m really excited to see this sound growing…”

Anane, Cape Verdean by birth, the capital of Santiago, was exposed to a musical environment while she was growing up. Her family members, particularly her aunt and uncle, were both known as the Xalinos, who self-made most of their musical instruments including guitars, violins and the uncommon Cavaqinho (a small four-string guitar).

Singing, dancing and writing songs was pretty normal to young Anane – but her mother didn’t see that as a career. If fact, Anane’s mom reckons her beautiful girl should’ve been a lawyer because “I was good at arguing”, Anane admitted.

Anane, who is now based in New York with Louie, also described the unfortunate scenario that the singer, and her family encountered while staying in Cape Verde, which, at the time, threatened her dreams. In essence, her family was left homeless!

Anane’s father being a Portugese and her mother being a Cape Verdean created numerous problems for the family, including racism. Her family left Cape Verdean in exile because of the revolution that was going on between Portugal and Cape Verde.

Recounting the situation, she said: “We were basically forced to live in a tent, to leave our home because it was vandalized. We just had to pick up what we had or what we could grab and leave!”

Regardless of what Anane and her family had gone through, their move to USA changed their life for better things.

Later, in America, Anane, who is a world established singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, subsequently met her musical icon, DJ/producer Louie Vega. The moment she clearly reminisces about: “Meeting Louie was just really incredible moment for me because I was always a fan of his work and admired what he does and how true he remains to what his passion is, and [what] he believes music is to him”.

Anane later married Louie Vega: “We all dream to one day have somebody that you connect with and grow old with, and so that person being Louie was very special!” Mrs Vega adds:” I fell in love with him because of his humbleness, his kindness and the way he was in person, everything else just an extra treat!”

Anane’s debut album, Ananesworld, from Nervous Records, is available on Traxsouce, Itunes and Vega records.
Speaking of the album, she said: “The album consists of everything of who I am, the essence of me as a woman, a mother, as a wife, sister and daughter and all things that inspires me and all the dreams that I have”.

Getting back to the bid for capital of House Music, Anane is already on board in support of the ‘Africa Is the Future’ campaign; with South African DJ/producers putting their endless effort to promote the bid.

Anane also said when she started her label, Nulu Music Label, with her partner, Antonello Coghe, they both noticed that a lot of music, the demos that were being sent to them, were coming from South Africa, which really caught their attention.

According to Mrs Vega, the future is already looking good: “Now that because of the technology we have, this young generation is able to give us this African sound to put out there.”

“These are the young producers and kids of 17, 18… 21 years old who are producing this sound. We’re giving light to this sound that is coming from Africa; I’m really excited to see this sound growing…there’s so much coming from Africa!”

Meanwhile, Louie Vega, world champion DJ/Producer, is highly impressed with the support that South Africa displayed during his visits to the country. This is the reason that keeps him going back, as he explains: “We’re (The Vega couple) always excited about going to South Africa. It’s really a special place!” Legendary Louie Vega, a Grammy Award winner, calmly continues: “You can’t go higher than the energy you get out there (South Africa) from all the people!”

Louie Vega has signed Black Coffee ft Hugh Masekela “We Are One” song on Vega Records which is going to be out end of January next year.

If someone like Louie Walsh Vega, who is a House music Lord, recommends South Africa, ‘a special place’, to take over this title (the world capital of House music) – who can stop Africa? No one…Africa Is the Future Indeed!

    The legendary Vega will be playing in Durban, Johannesburg and Limpopo, South Africa from 17, 18 and 19 December.



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