Video Vixens: Yellow Bone Is In


Video Vixens: Queen & Lerato from Made2Fly
After seeing Donald’s Denial video yesterday, I snapped and decided to write about this. You probably have noticed that our local musicians, particularly male, have ditched the black chicks in their videos. Now I know that yellow bones fall under black but for the purposes of this article, anybody lighter than Cadbury chocolate will be termed a “yellow bone” whether mixed race, Indian or white.

I first noticed this new trend on one of Teargas’ videos Party 101 featuring Liezl from Jamali (also in this context a yellow bone). The chicks were Coloured, Indian and very beautiful; there is this one hot coloured chick who seems to have the lens on her more than the others. She has featured in many more music videos since.
Then the Jozi dudes came in with a bang and with video vixens looking lighter than Arthur Mafokate’s girls. These are not your kasi girls, these are girls from Sandton. Don’t get me wrong these girls are hot, they really are, but after Donald’s video I realised that when it comes to video vixen auditions, black girls are getting the kick and getting knocked down flat. So why is black being booted?

“…Da Les landed in South Africa and told them the secret;…the “black” American girls…where not actually black”

Firstly every musician’s dream is to have an American level music video. That means a (very) blue swimming pool, expensive booze and of course sexy looking babes in bikinis with sexy hair and sunglasses. So when video vixens started showing up in videos there was a problem. They just did not look like the girls from Nelly’s videos. Durban girls were brandishing beer bottles and Jozi girls were dancing pantsula while American vixens just sat by the pool looking good and sipping pink drinks, the difference was knock for six, surprising and disappointing.

Secondly there was that whole thing about the need to have a swimming pool in the video, the aforementioned very blue one, and the fact that black girls’ hair could not withstand water. Those weaves no matter how fancy could only do one take and that’s it. Then Da Les landed in South Africa and told them the secret; that the “black” American girls whose hair gleamed after a swim were not actually black but mixed or Mexican.

So now that our musicians have figured this out one wonders if the age of the black beauty is over. Hey I don’t even think the BEE (black economic empowerment) policies are going to save us from this one either. Of course our skin doesn’t do well in chlorine and our hair is another story, but aren’t black beauties still the definition of African beauty? With that said, I have to run; I have an audition to catch…. Da Les new video. Hihihi!

  • Party with Mzansi’s finest Video Vixens in Sandton on the 29th of September 2012 at the “Bottoms Up Mansion Party” hosted by made2fly
  • Models used in article are from Made2Fly a model and talent management company that provides professional models for product luanches, event hostessing & music vidoes
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