‘Arthur is a fraudster’


Kwaito star Arthur Mafokate is embroiled in yet another controversy after an Eastern Cape non-governmental organisation accused him of defrauding it.

Members of Ngomso Youth With Vision claim that Mafokate “robbed” the organisation of more than R20 000.

The organisation’s spokesman Bayanda Ngqangweni told Sowetan yesterday that Mofokate, Thiwe, Speedy, Nestum, S’gonondo, Pantsula and Chomee were billed to perform at the Mnquma Youth and Jazz Festival on October 14 last year in Butterworth, but did not show up – with the exception of Speedy “who also refused to perform the following day saying he was not paid”.

Ngqangweni added that he called Mafokate many times to establish what was happening, “but he did not answer the phone”. He said people demanded to be refunded when Arthur and his crew were nowhere to be seen.

“The stadium filled with people erupted into chaos and the people demanded their money back. We had to pay all of them their money back and the show continued with other artists.”

A case of fraud has been opened at the Butterworth police station against Arthur.

When asked for comment, Arthur told Sowetan to call after five minutes. But he did not answer his phone after several phone calls.

# Several attempts were yesterday made to get Arthur to give his side of the story without success.