Mandoza worry


Kwaito icon Mandoza has reacted angrily to claims by fans that his health was failing.
The popular musician, whose real name is Mduduzi Tshabalala, says the reason his face appears frail sometimes is because he has had skin problems since he was young.

Sowetan received calls from fans saying they had seen Mandoza on Live, a SABC1 music show, and he did not look well. They claimed his lips were red and that he seemed to have lost weight. Fans also asked why he was absent in the line-up of artists who performed at major festivals and concerts over the lucrative festive season.

The 29-year-old kwaito star told Sowetan yesterday that claims that he was sick were “rubbish”.

“People are talking rubbish. I do have a skin problem, but a rough skin does not mean that one is sick. I’m not HIV positive either. I have a skin problem. I have had a skin problem since I was a teenager. I am not sick. I’m as fit as a horse. These pimples appear when I’m stressed.”

Mandoza said he was stressed during the festive season because of performing at too many gigs. He said he probably lost weight because he is working out at the gym.

Asked why he was absent from most festive season line-ups, he said he had been performing at corporate gigs.

His manager Curwyn Eaton also refuted claims that the star was sick.

“Mandoza is a human being. He gets skin problems sometimes. He recently went to a dermatologist for his skin problems and has done facial treatments. I’ve never seen someone who is sick look like that. Besides, if he was sick he would not have performed at so many corporate gigs like he did during the festive season.”

Mandoza, a former member of Chiskop, became a successful solo artist as his brand of kwaito broke the cultural racial barriers and appealed to both white and black youth.



  1. the is nothing wrong with being sick ndoz – man we understand, all that you need to know is we still love you as our number one musician.

    • I agree too theres nothing wrong and must be hidden from being sick and whatever yu going thru will always be yo number one fans my advice you dnt owe anyone explainations of yo health rather keep quiet and live on

  2. We love u Mandoza, and you are a human being just anyone else, so please don’t let anyone judge or take you down, keep up the gud work and be strong brother!!!

  3. Mdz bro ,jst keep on doin dat gud stuff ,u wont anythn if u listen wht ppl sayin … ppl ar always talkin

  4. MDZA I will always support you, no matter what they say about you. I always love your music. God bless…!!!!!

  5. Our media jounalist should learn to cover good stories that have no content of alligations, is so unfair nd too cruel to despose sum1 intimate health related condition without letigations, i min i fill depresed to hear mr so nd so ALEDGEd To hav dne dis nd dat. Mandoza, o skhokho nd never ever b undermined dis imoral cancasides. The Senate Phalaborwa

  6. Mandoza, I will always support you and Mpho. I saw her on Motswako last Monday and I was so attached the way she is so positive and loving her family. Stick to your wife brother all the way, she really love and care about you as always.

    Stay positive and focused all the time. Share all the love you have to Mpho and your kids, she is a really wife, l love her too, keep up guyz!!!!!

  7. mandoza you are champion of kwaito music mfwethu so keep’t up no matter what people say about you

  8. Mandoza your health is none of anybody’s business, you should take care of yourself& your family and you do not owe anyone any explanations. I saw Mpho on Motswako I was so touched about the things she went through and she is still a loving loyal wife to you. You are blessed Mandoza to have her in your life, please love her, appreciate her coz she deserve more & so much more.

  9. Mr Shabalala am your fan i lov your music very much so plz dont let any1 put you down,u have a very loving,caring and supportive wife,appreciate her and lov her.

  10. Hey don’t stress ur self if u where not sick k ! And mandoza what is ayanda surname and also what is masheleni’s real name please ndo I wanna. Make u and them my role model can’t wait for an answer help

  11. U rock mandoza yaya masheleni + curywen guys u make ma night on ya performance thanks ma role models

  12. i suggest people must stop judging MDZ,if he has a skin problem like he said then who are we to judge? people lets NOT be happy bcoz of other people’s down fall,instead LET’S SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER & TREAT EACH ADA AS ONE…love Mandoza.

  13. Being HIV is no longer a stigma, it would do good is celebrities do not keep the sickness a secrete, but to be ambasador. U are HIV, diabetic, asmatic, they are all diseases, with the right treatment and good attitude, you can leave a healthy long life. Dont be shy Ndoza it’s only an illness. I treat myself as if I am HIV everyday, eating healthy food, healthy lifestyle, comdomising. My HIV friends are still my friends.

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