Dj Clock The Future of House Music


Elvin Gumede was just another little boy in the township until he discovered his flair for DJing…So began his love affair with House music and the beginnings of a career that leads him to be universally acclaimed as the ‘future of South African House music’.

The Durban Zulu first broke onto the scene in Durban where he met DJ Chynaman who subsequently introduced him to DJ Tira, so began his career signed with Soul Candy Records.

“I can’t say it’s because I’m intelligent… It’s a gift that I got from God. It’s not all about that (sic) you can go to school. Sometimes it’s all about the talent”.

“…was not nominated when many considered a nomination to be secured after…”

The ‘Umahamba Yedwa’ star’s debut album “The First Tick” is best described as the fusion of deep, tribal and funky house. ‘Dusk ‘n Dawn’ is still played on major radio stations in South Africa and the UK’s specialist Show in South African music ‘The Mzansi Show’ on Future Radio.

Metro FM awards for 2008 were very controversial; some artists were disqualified. The most controversy was caused however (notably highlighted by many top DJ’s when they were interviewed on The Mzansi Show) as to why DJ Clock was not nominated when many considered a nomination to be secured after his successful album? “I don’t know about the politics…I don’t know why I was not nominated”.

“That guy is a true DJ, he introduced…”

South African House music has grown beyond all recognition, attracting the world’s most respected DJ’s and consequently giving South African House DJ’s the opportunity to make their mark internationally. It’s hard to believe now that this wasn’t the case before Vinny Da Vincy came onto the scene so it’s hardly surprising to hear DJ Clock has been inspired by him. “That guy is a true DJ, he introduced deep house in South Africa”. Amen to that!

DJ Clock has been nominated in this year’s MTN SAMA Awards for the ‘Best Urban dance album’. His much anticipated second album will be out this summer.