Heavy Weight Malinga!


Highly proclaimed producer, song writer and artist Robbie Malinga is a singer who’s been around since Kwaito music begun. In that time his has released five top albums and now the eagerly awaited sixth album is finally here.

“I don’t have enough time to write my own material. That is why I have released one album after four years because I work with all the best musician here at home but this time I decided to write and produce my own album, ‘Heavy weight’.

“We are competing directly with the international stars”.
– Robbie Malinga

Robbie Malinga has produced all the hit songs for award winners and musicians alike with artists such as Mzekezeke, the late Jabu Khanyile and for all Ntando’s albums to name but a few.

“I always try to listen to all kinds of music. I listen to the music in the UK, America, Brazil… music from everywhere and I fuse that with our sound. That is why I am always ahead of time and always bringing something fresh for the people”.

One of the highlights last year was Dj Mujava Township funk being released in the UK. Why are we not getting more South African artists releasing their music in Western Europe?
“We’re competing directly with the international stars… The broadcasters are giving the international stars more exposure than us, 80% of music that plays is not South African”.

“Let’s have differences but fighting each other is not the solution.”
– Robbie Malinga

So what do we do Robbie?
“I’m happy that there is a station like yours[Future Radio] abroad, that plays our music. It’s the way forward for us musicians”.

The ‘Hit House Record’ owner features Sharon Dee, Kelly Khumalo, S’fiso, Izinyoka and Stimela in his latest album. It seems the album title certainly intends to live up to its name.
“The previous album that I’ve done ‘Lilizela Mzantsi’ was huge in terms of sales but this one creatively is the best I’ve ever done”.

One of the songs played on the Mzansi show was ‘Khuza Madiba’. So what drove Robbie to Tata Madiba? “We struggle so much for freedom. I wrote this song to call the great Madiba to calm everyone down. Let’s have differences but fighting each other is not the solution”.

Robbie Malinga is one of the song writers and producers who will be on the sound track of Fifa 2010 world cup.

Robbie Malinga new album Heavy Weight is Now Out.
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