King and Queen Of kwaito Buddies again


Kwaito king Arthur Mafokate has finally swallowed his pride and opened the doors of reconciliation to his former girlfriend, Afro-pop star Queen Sesoko.

Sunday World has it on good authority that the former lovebirds are now on speaking terms.

Sesoko is the mother of Mafokate’s daughter, Owami. But she was allegedly barred from visiting their child after she moved out of Mafokate’s mansion in Midrand after their love fizzled out.

Sesoko confirmed on Friday that she and her former beau have made friends.

She says: “I am happy that we’ve finally resolved our differences. We now talk almost daily about our daughter and her progress.

The fact that Arthur has poured his heart out and we have started afresh means a lot to me. I now understand what he went through.

I hope that Owami will soon be visiting me frequently.”

Sesoko says she is tired of the negative coverage that she has been receiving in the media.

“The media has portrayed me as a bad and irresponsible mother.

My daughter is growing up and people will tell her those things. “

Sesoko also revealed that she is releasing her new album, Sweet Little Things, with a new record company.

And her first single Umafavuke will be sampled on radio stations next week.

“I was never fired from my previous record company but I resigned in January this year because I wasn’t happy with some things I won’t mention.

But at the same time I needed a fresh start.”

Sesoko says she is excited about her new album and she hopes to reclaim her crown in the music industry.

“It’s a dance album and has something new. I know people will enjoy it,” she adds.

Mafokate confirms he and his ex are now talking more than before.

He says: “We are now talking for our daughter’s sake.”

The self-proclaimed king of kwaito adds that he is excited that Sesoko has a new album.

He says: “I know she is a strong person with great talent.

She is here to stay, despite what she has gone through in her life.”



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