Kwaito King has bad luck


Music mogul Arthur Mafokate seems to be attracting a lot of negativity lately. His streak of bad luck started when Zombo died of an Aids-related sickness, followed by recent reports that his protégé Stitchman is also gravely ill with the disease. This month, Mafokate has had to endure more death when the mother of his daughter, Kellello, died from an unknown sickness. He was hit by more bad luck when he had to suspend production on Zero 11’s first album, a new group he formed.

The kwaito king created Zero 11 with Longwe Twala, the son of Chicco Twala, and Themba Mhinga, the son of Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Nthabiseng Mphahlele. The parents however are not happy with their children following in their footsteps just yet. Media reports have revealed that Chicco and Yvonne want the kids to go back to school.

Mofokate has said that the album is on hold until the boys can sort the issue out with their parents.



  1. Arthur mafokate is has will always be remembered as a musical genius if only the media was not so bzy making money out of our celebrities names none the less those who really know arthur’s worth will tell you he has built he has build this empire called kwaito nobody and nothing can take that away from him all kwaito musos have no right to mention kwaito without mentioning arthur mafokate

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