Kwaito’s Sexy Chomee does a Janet Jackson.


Mafokate has blasted the sexy Chomee for doing a “Janet Jackson”.

Chomee who is well known for her fine body and sexy dance moves pulled out her breast and put them in to a crazed fans mouth during a performance in Johannesburg.

The Sowetan reports that a male fan emerged from the crowd and started dancing with Chomee and before long the mesmerised man was sucking Chomee’s breast.

“Yes I had a problem with it. I realised too late that I read too much into it.”
Arthur Mafokate – 999 Boss

This obviously did not go down well with Mafokate who apparently went mad and gave the sexy cutey some tongue-lasing backstage.

”Arthur went mad because he thought the whole thing was indecent,” an insider told the press.

But the fabulous kwaito singer, Chomee did not take kindly on being told off infront of other people and threw a tantrum.

An unrepentant Chomee said “It was done in all innocence. Under the same circumstances I would do it again. It can’t go beyond that.”

Hinting at going at it alone if Mafokate remains stubborn the sexy Chomee, said “ I have a group under my wing and my latest album is doing well.”

When contacted Mafokate said: “Yes I had a problem with it. I realised too late that I read too much into it. I have a duty to protect the brand because it must remain respectable at all times. We don’t want a Janet Jackson kind of scandal.”

In the recent past Chomee has had a few things going her way, negotiating her new contracting and deciding to move out of the house Mafokate had rented for his 999 artists.



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